Slots Strategy

Although there is no proof of that, there are some special strategies slots players are always ready to use. This one explains how to maximize your time on slots in order to lose less, and how to have more chances for winning.

As first, there is a theory of cold and hot machines. Cold machines are those where you will lose in long streaks. The basic strategy for this is to put small bets while waiting for the winning streak. This way you will have enough money to play bigger bets when your luck changes.

Most of the players stick to particular slot when losing, hoping their luck will change, until they lose all of their money, even increasing their wagers.

How does it Work?

This particular strategy is dealing with improving the winning rate by limiting bets on cold machines. This way you are able to play longer, while waiting for your winning streak. In addition, when it finally comes, then you should increase your bets while it lasts.

The strategy is developed separately for 3 coin machines and 5 coin machines, and the whole thing is based on one-quarter bets.