The Main Software Providers

The biggest software providers in the online casino industry are Microgaming, Vegas Technology, Real Time Gaming and Playtech. There are some other providers, but the mentioned ones are the trustworthiest, they offer the best conditions and the widest variety of games.

The Variety of Games

In all online casinos there is a wide variety of games, and all the most popular ones are mainly covered, including card games, table games, slots etc. there are also all kinds of bonus and multi play games, and progressives. The offer depends of particular casino, and some of them can really offer you whatever you need.


Different games have different returns. Some games where your winnings depend mainly on luck have much lower return. The games where you have to have some level of skill usually have much higher returns.

Anyway, you can always check out the payout table and different games.

Playing for Money

If you would like to play for real money, you have to open an account in particular online casino and deposit some amount of money, using one of the banking options offered.

Most of online casinos offer all kinds of welcoming bonuses, also.


All the most popular casinos apply the highest level of security for protecting your transactions, and your money is perfectly safe in there, as are your personal information. Anyway, if you want to be sure, always choose only trustworthy casinos.


Same as for security, you should choose only reliable online casinos to be sure you will be able to withdraw your money. In most of respectable online casinos you can withdraw your money within one or two weeks, and there are some casinos that guarantee your money could be withdrawn in much shorter time.

The withdrawal procedure is basically the same, with some exceptions, and you can withdraw your money using credit cards, wire transfer, PayPal, Moneybookers or some other way, depending on particular casino.


Random number generator drives the majority of games. This is a sophisticated device that randomly chooses winning combinations, according to payout ratio declared. In all reliable online casinos those devices are tested.

Recommended Online Casinos

As we mentioned before, the best way of choosing online casino is to choose those that are trustworthy, with solid background and dependable software. If you still aren't sure, read some casino reviews and base your decision upon their rating.