Craps Online Game Tips

Indeed, like blackjack and baccarat, craps is known to offer one of the lowest house edges among gambling games. Frankly speaking, one should be aware of general accepted tips while playing craps online game, otherwise the house edge may increase and the gambler may experience losses.

Here is a small list of basic effective tips for playing craps, which are likely to assist you if they are implemented correctly.

  • You should always omit Proportion Bets. In fact, these Proportion Bets are considered to make the house edge extremely high (up to 16%).
  • Do not spoil a chance to put a Pass Line wager. Actually, this stake is supposed to have very little house edge (about 1.5%). Consequently, it turns out to be one of the best wagers in craps online game.
  • Do not make Lay Bets. Indeed, these wagers are notorious for their commission. Can you imagine it? It turns out that if you are willing to place Lay Wagers, you should pay 5% of your stake to the casino.
  • Occasionally place Buy Wagers. You are sure to pay commission while making this kind of wagers. It is about 5% of your stake. If you decide to make Buy Stakes, it is strongly recommended to wager them on 10 and 4. The matter is that 4 and 10 happen to have the largest winning advantage, which turns out to be 2 to 1.
  • Place Field Wagers from time to time. As far as this type of stakes is concerned, it is necessary to say that these wagers may result in not very favorable house edge (about 5.5%).
  • You should not miss an opportunity to put Place Wagers. Actually, they are one of the most advantageous stakes in craps online game. These wagers are known to offer the largest payouts.
  • Try to work out your own betting strategy. Of course, it is necessary to stick to the basic tips and craps strategy, but try to combine them with your own experience.