Baccarat Strategy

Unlike many other casino games, baccarat is a game of luck first of all. For games like blackjack you should apply some sort of strategy for successful playing, and your outcome often depends on your skill.

The baccarat game has certain rules, and the dealer has to respect them in choosing if you will get another card or not. Nevertheless, you can do some things.

The first thing is to find the casino with the lowest number of decks. If you are playing online, try to find single deck game, other ways, 6 decks. Of course you should also take care of the house edge.

By the way, baccarat has very nice odds, comparing to other games in the casino.

If you are a fresh player, the best thing to do is to play free games for a while, just to get familiar with the game.

There is also a variation of a game called Mini Baccarat, with similar rules of a game, but lower minimums. The betting strategy is the same as in regular baccarat.

There are three possible kinds of bets when playing Baccarat. Let us say something about each.


Punto is betting on the player's hand. The house edge for this bet is around 1.3%. it isn't a bad wager to make, although you have better chances, in a long run, with the bank's hand.


Banco is betting on the bank's hand. The house edge is lowest when you bet on bank's hand, and the probability of winning is the highest, because the bank's hand wins more often.


The Standoff is actually the tie hand bet. House edge is 15.75%, but the bank pays 9:1 on this kind of a bet. You have the smallest chances for winning if you choose to bet on ties.